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Why Choose an Epoxy Floor for Industrial Settings

epoxy top coat
Epoxy floor coating being applied to industrial concrete floor.

Why We Think Epoxy Is the Best Choice For Your Industrial Floor

The resilience of Epoxy floor covering, in conjunction with its’ cost effectiveness in both application and maintenance, makes it a preferred choice for commercial use. Available to match any designer decor from sleek, modern industrial to rustic old European, poured resin floors provide a safe and easy to maintain choice for today’s flooring needs.

Community and public gathering places such as restaurants, theaters, retail stores, offices, houses of worship and stadiums are perfect locations for epoxy floors. Corporate logos, team colors or custom designs can be incorporated into the application. The robust quality of the resins can easily withstand the pedestrian traffic. Aggregates can be included in the pour to increase the slip resistance. This is a key feature in applications such as office reception areas, lobbies and restaurants where wet floors are common.

Poured resin floors create a hygienic atmosphere since they are seamless and non-porous. There are no joints for debris and bacteria to accumulate. The flooring system is sealed to the wall, another safety aspect reducing bacteria accumulation. For specific applications, anti-microbial agents can be added to inhibit bacterial growth.  Spills of any type can be easily wiped up with no worry of staining.

These hygienic benefits are particularly applicable to the health care, food production and pharmaceutical production industries. These facilities require the highest in sanitation standards and Epoxy floor coatings provide just that. The ease in maintenance in conjunction with the ability to withstand high traffic, have benefits appliable from operating rooms to food processing plants.

The thermal properties of Epoxy Floor coating allow for the application to temperature specific guidelines. From the cold room at a meat packing plant to the dryer room at a commercial laundry facility, epoxy floors can withstand the temperature variances.

Resinous pour floors withstand repetitive pedestrian traffic. Its’ durability really shines through when it comes to withstanding vehicular traffic. Whether it is a diesel mechanic’s shop, a commercial laundry with carts filled with heavy, wet linens or a forklift carrying palates of metal pipes, the epoxy floors will resist damage from the wet, the weight or the wheels.

When it comes to wheeled traffic, vehicle repair shops are a perfect location for resin floors. The frequent back and forth of moving vehicles in and out, and the potential of oil, gas or paint spills create an environment that is not challenged by Epoxy flooring. All that is needed is a quick wipe of a spill!! Soap and harsh detergents will damage the epoxy. Warm water mopping is all that is needed after the spill is wiped.

Maintaining epoxy floor coverings can not be easier. Dry dirt and debris should be removed with a broom or vacuum. Any tough dirt or grime can be removed with a scrub brush, then hosed down. Wet spills are easily wiped up with paper/cloth towels. Larger spills will require a mop, but soap is not recommended! Acidic or other harsh chemical cleaners can weaken the catalyst in the resins, therefore damaging the application.

Your professional installer will recommend the best surface options, the design elements and proper cleaning process for your floor. Call the showroom for more ideas for your beautiful new epoxy floor.