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What Type of Epoxy Floor is Best Suited for your Setting? 

Are you getting an epoxy floor? What a great decision. But you might be thinking about which type of floor coatings will suit your setting. Your interiors have a specific vibe, and different floors look good in different settings. You need to choose the best one of the floors that complements your space’s look and …

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epoxy garage floor in fort lauderdale

Why Epoxy coatings will give your garage floor the upgrade, it deserves 

Your garage floor is the space that will be in most contact with the outer world. If you are going to make a new garage interior or upgrade the floor only, you must try an epoxy floor. Once you try, you will fall in love with it forever. There are many reasons why your flooring …

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Why finding the right epoxy contractor is very important? 

There are a bunch of reasons why you should get epoxy flooring done for your industrial and commercial sites. It increases durability, ease of cleaning and sanitation, and also gives a very pleasing and aesthetic look to your indoors. But besides that, it is also of high importance that you choose the right epoxy contractor …

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industrial grade epoxy floor coating

Epoxy Flooring Benefits in Industrial Buildings 

Industrial settings such as hospitals, factories, and other manufacturing buildings require more resistant and smooth flooring. Epoxy floor coverings are a hard-wearing and long-lasting option for both commercial and industrial flooring. Epoxy acts as a sealant for concrete flooring. It is used most commonly on garage floors, walkways, and commercial buildings, and even on the ceiling and walls sometimes. Epoxy flooring acts as a game-changer for …

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Why Choose Epoxy Flooring for your Home 

The next time you enter a fancy restaurant or a lobby of an upscale hotel, take a closer look at that floor. That beautiful floor you’re walking on may not be what you think it is! Today’s flooring technology can create spectacular looking floors that are durable and easy to maintain. Epoxy floor coating, also …

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concrete epoxy coating for industrial floor

How to Maintain an Epoxy Garage Floor 

Protecting a concrete floor sure has come a long way! It ain’t just paint anymore!!Kathleen O’Keefe Epoxy flooring, also known as poured resin flooring, is a popular way to protect and if desired, to add a designer element to your garage floor. When professionally installed, the floor covering will strengthen and protect the concrete below, …

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Why Choose an Epoxy Floor for Industrial Settings 

Why We Think Epoxy Is the Best Choice For Your Industrial Floor The resilience of Epoxy floor covering, in conjunction with its’ cost effectiveness in both application and maintenance, makes it a preferred choice for commercial use. Available to match any designer decor from sleek, modern industrial to rustic old European, poured resin floors provide …

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A Unique Approach to Durable Flooring 

When considering a new look for your concrete floors, have you considered Epoxy? Considered both decorative and durable, Epoxy floors are a popular solution for today’s flooring needs whether at home or at work. When choosing a new floor covering, color, strength, cleanability and texture are main considerations. Epoxy flooring meets those needs and more!! …

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Epoxy Flooring, the Trend of 2021 

Incorporate a new trend in your life! Many idea-sharing and photo sharing sites like Pinterest have made it easier for everybody to stay updated with new and trending TRENDS! The interior design community is just making waves at the moment. You can find all sorts of Pinterest designs that reflect different personality types that got …

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Tips and Tricks to Maintain Epoxy Flooring Year After Year 

Keep Your Epoxy Floor Looking Sharp For…ever! Epoxy flooring can transform your home and set it apart from ordinary floors. It can be laid down anywhere in your interiors and in garages to make any space look fresh and even funky. It is an affordable option to spice up your interiors, but maintenance can seem …

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