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Premium-Grade Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Here at Fort Lauderdale Epoxy Pros, we understand that industrial and commercial facilities must follow strict guidelines. They must be able to endure forklift traffic, resist damage from harsh chemicals, and show no signs of wear and tear. Industrial floors must have a seamless surface to consistently become conducive for productivity. In this case, we highly recommend our premium-grade industrial epoxy floor covering.

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The Benefits of an Industrial Epoxy Flooring System

We all know industrial grade epoxy floor coating is an excellent option for strengthening concrete slabs. However, it offers more great features that will improve the functionality, safety, and productivity of your facility. When you hire the trusted industrial epoxy flooring contractors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you can expect the following:

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Incredible Durability

Compared to other traditional covering for concrete floors, industrial epoxy coatings have a higher capacity to withstand damage. Here at Fort Lauderdale Epoxy Pros, we modify the resin with hardeners, allowing us to create a virtually impenetrable surface. You expect the epoxy to endure constant traffic from forklifts and impact from heavy objects or machinery. With weight tolerance of up to 25,000 PSI, an industrial epoxy floor coating can make a concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger.

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Low Maintenance Floors

The high demands inside industrial facilities make their floors tedious to clean. On the other hand, by installing an industrial epoxy floor, you can make floor maintenance a lot easier. In most cases, all you’ll need is a simple sweep with a soft bristle broom or dust mop. Spills can easily be removed, using a traditional mop. On the other hand, spraying down with a hose can get rid of debris on a more soiled floor. In any case, no dirt is too difficult to remove off an industrial epoxy flooring system.

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Chemical-Resistant Floors

Without proper protection, concrete slabs are exposed to the harsh chemicals of an industrial facility. Of course, if neglected, this problem can lead to serious environmental and structural damages. Keep in mind that bare concrete is extremely porous, and it absorbs any form of liquid. Eventually, the liquid will break down the material, leaking into the surrounding soil and causing harm to nearby resources. On the other hand, an industrial epoxy floor covering can function as a barrier that will keep all liquids on the surface. Consequently, clean up is easier, allowing you to protect your floors from serious damages.

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Unique Floor Design

You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics just to achieve durability, performance, and longevity on your industrial floors. At Fort Lauderdale Epoxy Pros, we take an artistic approach in installing flooring systems. We let our clients choose from a wide range of colors, stunning metallic pigments, and flakes, allowing them to transform the look of their industrial facility. What’s more, we can use stencils to create text and traffic lines for forklifts. Since we are sure safety is your first priority, you can even ask us to create a productive and safe work environment by adding walkways and barriers to the epoxy floors.

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Long-Lasting Choice

What’s great about epoxy coatings is that they allow flooring systems to withstand the harsh conditions inside industrial facilities. Here at Fort Lauderdale Epoxy Pros, we form a superior bond by using premium-grade materials on concrete slabs. A lot of people have a misconception about the short lifespan of epoxy floors. However, this only happens because of improper preparation and low-grade materials. Many people opt to purchase a DIY kit from their local hardware, thinking that they’d be able to create a top-notch industrial epoxy garage floor. If you want to get the best value for your money, it is best to leave the job to professional industrial epoxy flooring contractors.

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Brighter Industrial Facility

One of the special features of industrial epoxy coatings is their highly reflective surface. This quality is not something you will find in many conventional floor coverings, which absorb light. Once you install epoxy floors, you can make the space brighter. You can even amplify the brightness by choosing a lighter color for the surface. Of course, this can make spotting items on the floor a lot easier. What’s more, it can save you money on your electricity bill. Many businesses choose bright white or light gray for a clean and sterile look and feel. Some people choose to add metallics to the surface to give it a more unique and pleasant look. But most just want a porcelain-looking floor for beautiful aesthetics.

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Why Choose Us For Your Concrete Surfaces?

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At Fort Lauderdale Epoxy Pros, we work hard to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. We even find ways to ensure that our clients are happy with the results we provide. As such, we give them the freedom to customize their flooring systems according to their needs and preferences. For instance, if you’re hiring us to apply floor coatings in freezer units, we can modify the material to withstand subzero temperatures. If you need an epoxy floor in a facility that contains sensitive electronics, we can modify the coating to withstand static electricity discharges.

When you choose Fort Lauderdale Epoxy Pros, you can expect professional yet personal services. With over 25+ years of combined experience in the field, we promise that we can get the job done right the first time. We will listen to your requirements carefully, ensuring that you are updated every step of the way.If you want to hire the trusted industrial epoxy flooring contractors contact us today!

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