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Tips and Tricks to Maintain Epoxy Flooring Year After Year

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Keep Your Epoxy Floor Looking Sharp For…ever!

Epoxy flooring can transform your home and set it apart from ordinary floors. It can be laid down anywhere in your interiors and in garages to make any space look fresh and even funky. It is an affordable option to spice up your interiors, but maintenance can seem tricky for beginners.

Before getting your epoxy floor, you should know how to maintain them. It would be best if you kept your floors free of dirt and grime, as this is the basic point of maintaining the epoxy floor. But there is more to it as well. The following tips and tricks will keep your floors fresh for years to come.

Keep surfaces free from grit and dirt

One of the main aspects of getting an epoxy floor is keeping it clean and free from grit and dirt. This is highly true when the floor is in your garage or the veranda  room where frequent contact of dirt and dust is present. It would help if you kept a good focus on vacuuming and sweeping the floors regularly. It is advised to clean them twice a week.

If you want your floors to not get scratched or damaged, you should use a soft mop or broom to sweep them. If the floors get scratched in any case, it will allow the dirt to sit in scratches and will make it hard to clean the floor. You should vacuum after every use of the room so that you can make sure the floor is free of grit and dirt for the next use.

Stop soap-based cleaning

Epoxy floors do not require cleaning with soap. You can just use a mop that is soaked in warm water. But if you feel necessary, you can use a soft soap. Normal soaps may leave a certain haze or film on the epoxy floors that get very hard to be removed. You must also avoid using cleaners that are acid-based or have citrus in them. These will also cause damage to epoxy floors. You can use ammonia and hot water to remove tricky stains. If you wish to have a fresh-smelling room, spray an air freshener around the room but not anywhere near the floor.

Make most of a welcome mat

Use a welcome mat in your rooms with epoxy floors in them, which will help keep the dust and dirt away. Wiping your shoes on a welcomemat will keep the dust away and keep your floor free from dirt, and can maintain the integrity of your floor. It would help if you regularly cleaned the mat as well so that the old dirt trapped in the carpet can be thrown away as well. Place rubber mats under your machinery items, too, so that their feet do not cause scratches on the floor.

Avoid oil spills

It is very important never to let oil spills fall on epoxy floors. And if any spills, then make sure you clean it instantly; otherwise, they might cause permanent stains as well. Wipe these spills using cloth or towels. In order to remove the stains, you can use warm water and ammonia solution.

These are some of the tips and tricks you can use to keep your epoxy floors fresh and funky for the longest time. The years to come will find your floors still new and good going if you adhere to our suggestions for keeping your floor clean.