metallic epoxy floors

What Type of Epoxy Floor is Best Suited for your Setting?

Sports team on Epoxy Floor
Sports Team Insignia Painted on Floor with Top Coat

Are you getting an epoxy floor? What a great decision. But you might be thinking about which type of floor coatings will suit your setting. Your interiors have a specific vibe, and different floors look good in different settings. You need to choose the best one of the floors that complements your space’s look and interior. You can get an idea of different kinds of floors by looking up their images. The following are some types of epoxy floor coatings and the surrounding where they would look best.

metallic epoxy

Metallic flooring

A metallic coating is a low-yellowing epoxy that has metallic pigment in it mixed together. Tiny, glitter-like pigments are mixed in epoxy resin and then poured on the floor. These pigments gather together and twist and turn due to the light reflecting at different angles. This gives a three dimensional and swirly look. These floors are aesthetically pleasing and also are very durable, low-yellowing, antimicrobial, and slip-resistant. These are the best designs for use in showrooms, waiting rooms, and restaurants.

Non-slip floors

Nonslip floors are those that are rough on the surface and hence prevent people from slipping on them. These floors are laid in areas where people of different ages can walk over, i.e., in restaurants, food and beverage processing, and hospitals. An area where there is a risk of people falling is where these floors are best suited.

Shiny floors

Shiny epoxy floors are laid in areas where there is a need to enhance the floors’ beauty and bring in more ambiance in the surrounding. Areas like workplaces and concrete surfaces that need more reflectivity are made shiny using a shiny epoxy floor. This shiny layer stays the same for many years to come and protects the surface underneath.

Matte flooring

Matte flooring is where epoxy is mixed with such ingredients that repel off the epoxy floors’ shine and make it look matte. People use matte floors in garages and areas where they don’t want a shiny floor. Areas, where a green screen is built need totally shine-free flooring, and this is when matte epoxy floors are used. It would be best if you got the right products mixed in epoxy that would keep the floor matte.

These were a few types of epoxy floor types and their different areas of use. You can choose the floor based on your needs. There are many ways epoxy floors can be laid down and many more ways to customize them yourself. An epoxy floor, when done right, never goes wrong even for years to come. You can enjoy the benefits of an epoxy floor for so many years by spending money just once.