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How to Maintain an Epoxy Garage Floor

epoxy floor coating

Protecting a concrete floor sure has come a long way!

It ain’t just paint anymore!!

Kathleen O’Keefe

Epoxy flooring, also known as poured resin flooring, is a popular way to protect and if desired, to add a designer element to your garage floor. When professionally installed, the floor covering will strengthen and protect the concrete below, while being easy to clean and adding design elements.

Homeowners can be overwhelmed at the choices!! The variations and combinations are endless. There are several factors to consider when making these decisions. Is the garage used to keep the car? Is the laundry done here? Is there a work bench? Is it a storage center or is it used as an added living space? Perhaps even a combination of some of these elements?

The basic garage that is used as a place to store the car and for other miscellaneous storage, once coated, will be easy to maintain and easy on the eye for years to come. The most critical aspect of the application is the preparation. The process of applying the epoxy can compare to painting, enticing the do it yourselfer, to give it a shot. Be warned, if applied improperly over poor substrate, the work will not last.

The concrete base/slab must be in perfect condition prior to the application process. Any cracks or blemishes need to be repaired and the floor needs to be structurally sound and as level. Since the liquid epoxy is self-leveling, the product will flow to the lowest areas of the floor first. Several layers may be necessary in some sections to produce a level floor. Professional installers have the eye, the equipment, and the experience to do the job right the first time. Masonry equipment and the skills to use them are imperative for success. 

The next step is to remove any loose debris or powder and to etch the slab. This process uses heavy floor maintenance equipment and hash acids. Experience using them properly is key for your safety, as well as, for the future of the finished floor. Failure to prepare properly guarantees failure.

The fun starts with the pour. If a marbled look is desired, 2 colors are poured. A squeegee is used to mix/blend spread the colored resins evenly across the surface.  You need to be quick and to have a plan since the epoxy is liquid, albeit it very thick, it will continue to spread! The professionals on those DIY shows have this down, they just make it look easy! The skill set needed to do this right cannot be honed on the first try! It is best left to the professionals if you want a long-lasting floor.

Most homeowners want to improve the curb appeal/value of their home either for their “own pleasure/pride in home” or for future sale. An epoxy coated garage floor is an opportunity for today’s homeowner to be creative and to improve the resale value without going too far. Feel free to call the showroom to find out more about your new epoxy garage floor.